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Graphic designers can do wonders in creating an online presence, especially a website or the social media handles.

How Our Team Handles Creativity

The individuals living in this century have brains that seek passion, leadership and fun. We aren’t the ones who can function forcefully, with a boring 9 to 5 job.
This is the reason why start-ups are emerging as the new trend.

This henceforth is also the reason for the Indian Government to be so supportive of new and fresh businesses.
Everyone wants meaningful and really innovative jobs and these start-ups are doing so.

In this buzzing digital world, every company is striving and prioritizing its presence on digital media. Having either a website or any other medium of digital presence has become a very important aspect for every growing business, to reach its online audience.

This is exactly where Graphic Designers come into the picture.

What’s most important to attract the target audience as well as more consumers is – how you represent your website/ platform. It’s not only content that decides how good your website would do but also the graphics that are attached to it.

If your graphics are blurry or slow nobody would give a second thought to your website but similarly so, if they are quite good and relevant then people will tend to be drawn towards your website automatically.

We expertise in making these digital characters of a business, more appealing and aesthetic to the viewers. This is truly important as it creates a first impression on the customers and perhaps, persuades them to go ahead and check out everything that the organization has to offer.

Therefore, one requires professionals to do this job effectively and efficiently. Fleenear is one such graphics and web designing company, based in the city of Siliguri, West Bengal.
Let’s dig in and get to know more us.


The Best Graphics Designing Company in Siliguri

Fleenear’s main motto is to provide clients with the best results when it comes to web design and graphic design. With a professional experience of 5+ years, the company is highly efficient and reliable with their work.

Our company was founded by Anupama Sen & Aayush Shrivastav, better known as Aayush Pranay in Siliguri, West Bengal. Our services include – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web design and development, Digital Marketing, Frontend and backend development, Graphic designing, etc. We firmly believe in the creation of useful, purposeful and solid content for online pages, websites, etc. keeping in consideration the needs and requirements of their clients.


These days it is common to see that the generation in which we live, are highly engrossed on the internet. Anything which is represented visually sticks to the mind more than a physical representation. Visual representation of the data makes it much easier for viewers to understand data which is even in a complicated and large amount. Our company Fleenear has provided several small and large business companies with top-class graphic designing services.

Our graphics designing company has designed logos for various companies, businesses, and organizations. The logo that we make is just not the visual interpretation of the company. It acts as a symbolic representation of the company which targets and is attached to the audience. The logo becomes the outcome and the symbol of the whole company.
Hence, Fleenear makes all this after thorough research of their client’s background.

An online presence can be measured when it comes to terms with social media impact and influence. Our company then helps our clients on various other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and various other blogs/websites.

These blogs would then help in designing and analyzing the posts. To increase the viewership traffic on these websites the content on social media should be very strong, crisp, and precise. Another important factor is the corporate identity.

This corporate identity is defined as a graphical business solution that the company is portrayed to its customers. It is important for all business companies be it small or big to hire graphics designers. Graphics designers play an important role in placing the company’s position in the market. Fleenear does an excessive and incredible job of helping all its clients so that we can achieve a proper balance between the content and the graphic. It makes sure that all the companies that we have got under us as clients have covered with various other services such as designing banners, posters, flyers, visiting cards, and much more.


Characteristics of Graphics Designing

First Impression Matters

The graphic design of any website is very important. As mentioned, the first impression is always the last impression. When a visitor visits the website for the first time, they create an impression which will either last for a long time or will be lost for the first time in the visit. The first business graphic an individual might prefer is a business card, sales page on the website and our nine add, the flyer, or a social media post. People usually tend to check the designing of the graphic elements. If they aren’t that attractive, it won’t take time for an individual to lose their interest. An individual should use bright and attractive colors to attract the audience at a much larger scale.

Consistency is Credibility

Graphic design is very important because it was the credibility of the company in the industry or the field. The more content the company provides the more it helps in solving the problem or relieving the pain. It will start gaining more audience when there are more creditability and consistency. If one creates a piece of content that helps in solving the problem, more people will start looking at this company for advice in similar situations. Hence the content creation is very important.


These days to stay ahead in the competition, a graphic designer needs to be very creative. A graphic designer must know how to use their creativity in such a way to slay the competition in the marketplace. The creation of a content that approaches the idea solves the problem or relieves the point is an innovative way to solve all these issues. A good graphic design will always attract and empathize with the audience.

Importance of Message

Graphic design is always important for any business since it is the method of telling the company’s story. The graphic design communicates with the audience more than just words. A design element with merely just an attractive fonts and color scheme can portray the emotion that the company wishes to show to its audience or customers.


Infographics is a really good technique to summarize the information that an audience would require. People usually get influenced by visuals, so in order to gather their attention and to influence them adding relevant graphics would be much better. Learning through an active process would help in gauging new language skills.

As mentioned above graphic design is more than just aesthetic, it is a mode of communication between the business and the audience. Businesses tend to use graphics at every stage of their marketing strategy to make it look informative, delightful, persuasive to the customers to buy the product.

Other than just the service and work point of view, Fleenear is known for being one of the coolest yet highly professional organizations. Here are the best things to know about Fleenear

Super friendly work environment

Fleenear always hires people with amazing communication skills, great interpersonal skills and a friendly attitude towards others. This makes us very efficient with our business and other client-related communications. Every client’s needs and requirements are prioritized. The team works with all the proficiencies and strives hard to reach perfection level. Hence, the clients are always happy and very satisfied with the results.

United team

We as a company always seek to provide the best web solution for every problem. If a particular official’s assistance isn’t enough, the whole team works together to achieve that particular goal and ensures that we bring out the best solution. We have a bunch of experts who do this job and therefore, work with full professionalism and unity. Every client’s ideas are included in the project. Even after huge discussions and efforts, the client may demand betterment in the work. Our experts ensure that he\she is completely satisfied by making the required changes.
This way, the client’s happiness and satisfaction are considered to be the top priority by the company.

Highly Professional Team

The entire team of Fleenear is filled with the best designers. These individuals have expertise, knowledge and skills in science, computer sciences, digital marketing, search engine optimization, advertising, etc. Henceforth, we always prove and make it a point to make your ideas and demands practical. we work towards great execution and implementation to bring out the best results. We seek scientific solutions that are ecologically proper as well.
We do a lot of research on every client’s ideas. We engage in deep interrogation, verification and very well disciplined implementation, for making those real. This work cannot be done in a single day’s time. It requires a few days for researching, interrogating, verifying, implementing as well as presenting to you the best possible outcome. This is among the top reasons for us to be called as Siliguri’s best web and graphic designing company.

 Competitive,in A Good Way

Our company works in a fun way. We challenge our employees to complete a particular task within a day. These tasks are taken into choice by proper fatigue and the time study of every employee. The tasks and projects are therefore timely completed. The solid knowledge of every task manager as well as the client’s ideas are taken into consideration. This blend of ideas, opinions and designs brings out a great outcome.
Fleenear also knows the exact proper audience to target. We go ahead and bring out the innovative, appealing as well as legally correct marketing strategies. These strategies are implemented on a large scale target audience.
With 5 years of experience, our company’s marketing techniques have been highly effective and have brought to it great success in that field.

Client is God

Fleenear exists to serve its clients. We have greatly skilled employees who can make a very effective conversation with its clients. This helps us to know and understand the requirements of the client. Also, along with the clients, we acquire more knowledge about the client’s consumers, investors, etc.

This lets the company consolidate all the information into one solid project consisting of everyone’s requirements. Then, we bring the solution which is practical, economical, appealing ,easily understandable and stands true to the current trend. This way, by knowing and prioritising and understanding a client’s overall needs and wants, the company brings out the most effective and efficient solution.

Blending Ideas For Better Results

Fleenear has now become a pretty good example of a blend and balance between scientific techniques and artistic ideas. We mix ideas, digital knowledge, scientific knowledge, marketing knowledge as well as advertising knowledge to let your product shine in the market.
As a result, the website brings in great potential customers and consumers. This attracts more audience in the long run, more income as well as better investors. This also enhances the goodwill of both the client’s company as well as of Fleenear. The website’s results are super impressive and turn out to be amazing as it functions without much errors or hassles.

Fleenear is a company which highly respects work ethics, discipline and its brand image. we always stand up for the correct information which is legal and understandable. Our client’s website is also a medium for us to show our quality work to the world.
Hence, we ensure you great service, correct information, timely completion of projects and superb outcomes. we’ll have your back when there’s any glitch within our areas of expertise i.e. website design, graphic design, etc.
All of the above make Fleenear a cool yet disciplined company which will provide you with diligent services and never fail to amaze you!

You’ll love to experience what working with us is like.
With all these due reasons, Fleenear stands out to be among the best web and graphic designing companies.


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