Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the practice where the website increases their quantity and quality of traffic through an organised search engine results.

The Art of Ranking

Online businesses have become a competition these days. The competition has become so enormous and for individuals to overcome the situation of the competitive world must use the proper strategies. The company would require efficient and effective assistance from an SEO service provider. These service providers will help the companies to stay ahead in the competitive market. Staying ahead in this competition is very difficult and one would require to use their best marketing strategy.

These days as we see every business in the market is trying to create their own space and position. All business companies want to be recognized and be visible. We can only improve their presence when they take over the online platform.

Having an online platform will be very beneficial for them so that they can grow their business and this is where web designing comes into play.

These days everything has come on the online platform. It seems like going to go to buy items from the shop is like an old method now. Window shopping doesn’t seem like a happening thing anymore these days.

The generation in which we all are living in right now is fast and prefers things to be online only. Starting up a company takes a lot of courage for the individual. The company would require some good advertising measures for people to be interested and investors also to put their money.

They wouldn’t want to invest in a place that they see will never be valued or will run in a loss. If they see this company has no potential, the company will gain zero investors and is already lost in the market.


Search Engine Optimization

The days for advertising and marketing have seemed to go now and web designing and online platforms have taken over the two where a company shows its potential.

Having a website these days for the company allows themselves to be proven in the market and the website should also be very well formatted. These factors are very important for any company so that they can attract users and investors.

Having everything online these days has become extremely common since it makes life easier and quicker. The company has an application in the mobile plus a website is always an added advantage.

Since it is available on the Internet, the user can just buy anything in one click and the item is available to them. This is all done with the help of one person who is called a web designer.

They play an extremely important role which will be showcased in the article through our company called Fleenear.

Who Are We ?

We are a graphic and web designing company situated in Siliguri, West Bengal. It is founded by Anupama Sen & Aayush Shrivastava in Siliguri, West Bengal. We run as a web & graphics agency and side to side a company with digital marketers and SEO experts.

The main aim of our company is to provide the clients with satisfactory results regarding the web, graphics design, digital marketing & SEO. We have had an experience of more than five years in this particular industry. We are a group of extremely reliable and professionals. We have mastered themselves in the service of web designing, web development, graphic designing, search engine optimization, development of the website, and digital marketing.

Fleenear believes in the creation of great visuals and well-written content for websites and other trending platforms in order to meet the expectation of their valuable customers. Our company has taken several measures that have helped many small businesses to create space for them on the online platform. This is done by us once we understand what the small company wishes to work in and understand the demands of our respective clients. We are well known for our user-friendly interface and our great attitude towards our customers.

Fleenear has proved to be very efficient for all its customers. Whenever we have helped our customers, it has always led to the company’s profit since the company’s visibility and meet demands have always risen. Our company has experts in the field who work with utmost care. Fleenear has a team of trained digital marketing experts who are aware of the market and its needs. These experts also support digital transformation services and help a brand achieve its place in the market that they wouldn’t have thought to achieve all by themselves.

Fleenear has helped several such websites and has always helped its customers to achieve success. Fleenear always seems to have a solution to all the customer’s problems in terms of web designing, graphics designing. digital marketing & SEO. As they say ‘ the first impression is the last impression’, this stands true when it comes to a company’s website.

Why You Need SEO ?

Just having a website is not the only solution. One must see that after creating their website, they are getting a lot of views and traffic. They should also check that their website is being reached out to a larger audience. Search engine optimization comes into the picture in this criterion. It is scoring excessively high when it comes to the unpaid section, and this is where a company could need help from professionals like Fleenear. Fleenear would design the website in such a manner and crest the content which will help them to be responsive and have a website that is visible.

Fleenear provides multiple services such as Website Auditing. This website auditing is used for analyzing and studying the website. It would give proper feedback in the areas of the website that are required to edit and alter. This feedback will be beneficial since it will help the website to become appealing and get the views that it requires.

This will also help a company to find out the technical issues and will provide them in scope for improvement in terms of their content after the result of this study, when the user makes changes this will help them to improve the ranking and increase their sales in the market or registration. Fleenear also helps the company as specified above in the area of content writing.

We have experts which help in writing the most suitable content for the website and the required ideas which help in creating the company. They also perform this another function of website optimization which helps the website in terms of search engine optimization. This will help the website and improve its visibility after making the required edits and changes.

What Are The Factors of SEO ?

Quality of Traffic

This is when the website is developed in such an attractive manner that it attracts visitors who are generally interested in the purchase of the product in the website. This is a successful quality of traffic. By just attracting visitors to visit the site and not purchasing is never a fruitful trafficking quality.

Quantity of Traffic

This depends on the number of people clicking on the website to visit the site through the search engine results. When there is more traffic, it will be better for the website to grow.

Organic Results

This is defined as a type of traffic where the individual would not be required to pay for. Ads are an example of this organic traffic. This organic search traffic is unpaid traffic that comes through the SERPs.

Working of SEO ?

Google plays a huge role in optimising traffic to the website. It has a crawler that goes through and gathers information about all the content that they can find on the online platform. These crawlers then help in building the search engine to build an index. There is a special algorithm that Google uses which is fed into the index. This index which is fed then will match with all the data to resolve the query. In the term SEO, O which stands for optimisation, is the term where people write about the content on their site. This content that the right should be for people to understand as to what they are seeing. This content as mentioned should be easy to understand and in a much clearer and crisp term. Optimisation can vary from term to Tom. It includes the title tags, meta descriptions, or the internal links which arise in the page.
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Things You Should Know About SEO ?

This part will allow you to understand the functionalities of SEO. It will act like a guide and a general overview for people to understand.

SEO Friendly Site

It is important for an individual who once made a website to apply the SCO techniques to the site. They should also create an SEO friendly domain name with the best internal links.

Content and Related Markup

Content is very important for a site. SEO has specific variables that make the site interesting and friendly. Several keyword research makes the content interesting and also allows it to be visible on the search engine.

On-Site Topics

This is dealt with when an individual learns the differences between the content and the related markup.

Link Related Topics

One should even have proper research about the various other links which talk about the same topic as their website. We can refer to these links or build a reference while working on their own link. We should find out whether the strategy of guest blogging still works or not.

Other Methods of Optimization

Once the individual has cleared all the other steps of SEO, they should now focus on the trafficking part only. We should convert it with the conversion rate optimisation which will be developed to a microlevel with the local SEO. Once it has achieved the local level we can take it to the international level as well..

Some Additional and Other Important Features of Our Company

Original Content

We are one of the most top providers of web designing companies in Siliguri. We as a web designing company have always promised to create content that is original. As a company and being very successful we have not received bad reviews or had any mistake with our content..

Mesmerizing Graphics

The graphics of our web designing company are very attractive, captivating, and beautiful. Our agency was set up in the year 2010. Since then, we have only lived up to our promise and expectation of giving excellent graphic and web designs. We have features such as brand management, SEO,digital marketing and development facilities.

The Attitude of Our Employees

We have a team of excellent employees who are great with their communication skills. Our employees are very friendly with clients. They make our clients happy by giving them the maximum benefit that they wish to aspire to. We also create the web page by listening to the client’s choices, interests, and the important factors and designing that they wish to be present on their client’s webpage. We always listen to the suggestions of our clients and keep it as a top priority. .

Great Teamwork

As a company, teamwork is very important. We have excellent teamwork with their co-workers. As the web designing company, even after making valuable suggestions to our clients, if the client still wants their decision to be the final decision we make the client always happy. Making our clients happy has always been our top priority.

Expert Supervision

We are a team of expert web designers, graphics designers & digital marketers. Our best designers are in their sector of marketing and advertising. Fleenear’s main aim is to show that our ideas and scientifically as well as logically correct. We just do not wish to be economical but also be very practical. To achieve our client’s goal, our web designing company works along with scientific expertise so that we can get deep and thorough research on ideas. We also try to implement all the ideas and verify them. We will always do thorough research, integration, implementation, and presentation of the market.

Competitive Nature

This company gives all its employees challenges in order to create a competitive as well as an effective environment so that they can deliver the projects on time. The company also takes care of the ideas along with the knowledge so that they can create an outcome that is to their benefit. The designs of the website are also very aesthetic and stunning. Our company has a great technique for marketing in order to achieve its audience and aims for the highest target.

Understanding The Client’s Needs

Our company’s employees have excellent communication skills with the clients. Having communication skills is very important in order to understand the clients’ needs and hence helps us to achieve the goals. The company should know everything as to what is economical or practical, and the latest trend which will help us achieve the maximum profit. All of these steps can be done through an online platform and there it is that we will help to maximize the potential of our client.

Balancing Between Arts & Science

Our company follows a unique mixture of ideas, design, knowledge, skill, marketing, infrastructure, and advertising. We give out the most unique product which is about the Dream website. A website that will bring out the results and attract a variety and a number of consumers. As a result, the company will be getting higher rates of investment and turns out to be really beneficial for them. This will make the client as well as their investors and customers much happier due to the progress. The result of this website will be unique and the website turns out to be fully functional and woodwork without any errors or viruses

Frequently Asked Questions

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It depends on how difficult the keyword is. A lot of other factors like change in search engines also effect rankings.

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It can be a costly affair but it majorly depends again on how difficult the keyword is. The difficulty would define the overall cost.

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It completely depends on the design and the content of the website. All this is done with the help of a website developer and seo. Crisp and small content is always favoured and a pleasant and aesthetic design of a website is preferable.

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The online presence of a business is very important. Fleenear will help the bios companies of all sizes to achieve their target. We have a great service in multiple arenas and cover all their customer’s expectations. If any reader is interested in making their business successful in the online platform, they must contact us as we have proved our place and we can proudky say that we are one of the best in theis field.

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