Fleenear is a web & graphics designing company based in Siliguri.

We provide services like Web Developing, Graphics Designing, Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization. 

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Website Design

We believe in great designs with functionality. We at Fleenear always keep design in mind before developing any website.

Website Design

Designing is a process of web development. In this step we try to make websites appealing by designing the layout,user interface etc accordingly.

Content Strategy

As we all know “content is the king”, we create high quality content for the websites which helps a lot in Search Engine Optimization

Built From Scratch

Our team always keeps the standards up.We plan websites according to the client’s demands and requirements. That’s why it’s necessary for us to create everything from scratch.

Maintenance & Updates

Leaving a website after development might affect your business and website’s ranking as well.That’s why it’s important to keep it updated and well maintained. Maintenance is also important in order to insure security. We take nominal charges for maintaining our client’s website and doing all the updations.

Graphics Design

The art for creating visuals for communicating with your audience is necessary for every business. We provide graphics designing services in Siliguri for helping our client’s in doing so.

logo designing

Logo represents your business everywhere. An attractive and meaningful logo is necessary for every business. Our team will help you in getting one such for your business.


Social media design is visual content that is used in digital marketing. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or blogs, designing social media post is an important element to include. A nicely designed message on social media helps you to make more contact with your customers and audience. We offer social media post design services in Siliguri.


Corporate Identity is a complete graphical business solution that you use to present yourself to your potential customers. The most important characteristic is a style that is recognizable in every graphic design element of the house style. Corporate identity consists of various elements.


Apart from these services we also offer numerous other services like designing banners,posters,flyers,visiting cards t-shirts and a lot more.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. That is the art of scoring high on a search engine in the unpaid section, also known as the organic lists. We offer SEO services in Siliguri, our experts help you to score better on search engines.

website audit

A website audit is a complete analysis of everything that has to do with the level of visibility of your website. A complete and detailed analysis gives you a better understanding of why your site does not rank  or why your sales and conversions don’t improve.

Our comprehensive audit service gives you feedback on everything from your technical issues to your content.Thus, helping you in ranking better.

content writing

Writing content is the art of expressing everything in the form of words, so that it encourages your audience to take an action or call or perhaps simply for the

Most people write normal articles for websites, but that is not good according to seo.

Our experts write articles based on SEO, so that it helps you to rank your website.

website optimization

Website optimization is the process of making changes to your website so that it will appear higher in search engine search engine pages based on a number of factors.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is advertising that is delivered through digital channels  such as social media, mobile applications, e-mail, web applications, search engines, websites or any new digital channel.We are experienced digital marketers and we provide digital marketing services in siliguri.

lead generation

The action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a company’s products or services is known as lead generation.


A conversion takes place when a visitor to your website completes your desired goal, such as  making a purchase. The percentage of total visitors that converts is called your conversion rate. Depending on the goals of your site or company, conversion types may include online sales,e-mail registrations etc.

About us

Fleenear is a web & graphics designing company based in Siliguri.

We provide services like Web Developing, Graphics Designing, Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization in Siliguri.We are a team having more than 5 years of experience in the field.

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