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Digital Marketing

The Modern Age Marketing

The term digital marketing was coined in the year 1990 and since then it is highly preferred by all marketers to sell their products. Digital marketing has now become one of the most popular sources of marketing for several products or services via some kind of electronic device.

It has been more than a decade since its existence and is still very popular in our everyday lives. It has changed the outlook of people over the methods of marketing.

This method is used to create awareness about several brands using online platforms among people.

It’s the 21st century! A century of modern lifestyle with modern means. Digital marketing is one such mode of modern marketing.

If you are looking for the leading digital marketing agency, you are in the right place. We here at Fleenear envision making your dreams come to reality. We make it happen by providing the best results.

Here are some details about our company Fleenear which is the finest digital marketing company in Siliguri.

Fleenear, a Digital Marketing, web development and graphics designing agency based in Siliguri is one of the most popular websites for digital marketing.

It was launched by Anupama Sen & Aayush Shrivastava, better known as Aayush Pranay (who has made his way as a digital marketer).

The main idea behind Fleenear is to provide digital marketing assistance to both big and small businesses. At Fleenear we have a trained team of digital marketing interns who are well informed about their duties and tasks to deliver flawless results.

We support digital transformation services and help the brand grow by providing the best-designed web services.

We specialize in digital solutions for all brands of all sizes and have expertise in web designing, graphic designing.

We also provide proper maintenance services for websites by charging a minimal amount to avoid any kind of outdated looks by updating them whenever required.

Through the medium of your website, Fleenear showcases its excellent skill to perform any task and considers your work as its own.

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One of the most important features of our work is digital marketing wherein we provide a platform for all types of business whether small or big to earn via providing them convenience in marketing using our digital methods.

We will help you consistently to add value to your marketing efforts and help you succeed. We make use of the latest technology to assist in digital marketing modes.

As a part of assurance, we assure you that you will surely gain experience in the number of leads and revenue generated. We are always here to use strong digital marketing strategies to help you successfully generate leads

Importance Of Digital Marketing

Reaches People Where They Spend Their Money and Time

A majority of the population in the world uses Facebook and other social media to purchase products. An average teen spends around 2 hours if their daily routine using social media. One of the most common reasons people give to be present on social media is to buy products advertised to them. A recent graph showed the list of all the social media along with the percentage of sales done via that platform and Facebook topped the results with 95.8%. Hence digital marketing is useful and helps you earn profits.

Common Platform for Small and Big Businesses

Digital marketing serves to level the field for both small and big businesses. It allows exposure of the sellers to focus on a majority of buyers available online and compete with other brands. If you manage your websites efficiently, it will provide you with details about how to control where and how to spend money. Explore this platform more and more to earn and reach the targeted audiences.

More Targeted

When you plan to publish an ad about your products in a magazine it isn’t able to fetch a majority of people and ends up getting a few people. One of the precious gifts of digital marketing is the ability to dissect huge demographics. With the help of digital marketing, you can easily target more people who need those products by targeting people with very specific goals, professions, buying behaviors, and more. Digital marketing narrows your Targeted customers by directly reaching out to those audiences who need those products by collecting details about them.

Can be Hyper Personalized

With the help of email marketing, one can target people down to individual levels. Most people prefer email for the business to communicate with them and is one of the easiest methods for digital marketing as the one who is willing to purchase your products may buy there directly and the ones not interested may unsubscribe immediately. after constant selling of products, you become well aware of the history of their products and know what kind of products will they like. Finally, you recognize a person on an individual scale. It is hence one of the most advanced approach methods used for Digital marketing.

More Advanced Analytics

With the help of free analytics software like Google Analytics, one can easily track the people interested in your products. If you use some of the paid tools, you may be benefitted a lot by checking on people who are interested in your items and services provided by you. Always, prefer means to cut costs and get huge returns on your investments.

Digital marketing involves some stages of marketing which are described below:

Easy to Scale & Adapt

Other modes if marketing may require huge investments, and the results of those investments come out late after years of hard work. But if you look at digital marketing, you will be convinced of its quick outputs and easy to scale means which adapts the changes as the business grows. You get instant results by using digital marketing methods. It is really helpful for all the small businesses for its nature if being a cost-effective tool.


Planning forms the first essential step of digital marketing where everything regarding the ways of marketing your products online is well-drafted. Under planning one is required to build opportunities, a firm strategy, and implement all this to action. Creating a planned digital strategy involves reviewing the details about what you are offering to your customers and communicate with them using various techniques. As a part of the strategy, the company must finalize the targeted areas and segments too. Implementing all your plannings and strategy is termed as an action that us the final most stage if a perfectly planned idea. Marketers must ensure product and price details in advance that they are willing to market.

Understanding The Market

Marketers are required to understand the needs of the people. They can easily reach out to people and understand their thought process is with the help of an empathy map. Empathy maps involve steps like communicating to customers and asking them questions, in a way interacting with them to know more about their needs. Web Analytics is one important way to know about the customers. With the help of predictive analytics, marketers can know about the consumer’s feedback details. Understanding consumer behavior is helpful as a part of the digital marketing process. It impacts every stage involving buying, selling, and after-sale services too.

These were some of the details about digital marketing and its importance. We here at Fleenear make sure to perform all these tasks right from planning every step of digital marketing with you to understanding the market in detail.

Integrated Teamwork

We here at Fleenear, work cooperatively by properly dividing the work amongst all the staff. The result is always an outcome of the collaborative efforts of our teammates. We have an excellent core team of members to assure that your work is done properly and within the period. We have integrated solutions to all your problems and a team comprising the best experts from different places to make sure that marketing is done well. We provide a bunch of ideas out of which the client’s decision is final and binding. Always, a healthy working environment is maintained which fosters friendship and loyalty amongst all. Everyone here strives to work harder and more cooperatively. The team of individuals possesses diverse talents who are well aware of their weaknesses, are good at communication, and are aware of their strengths.

Expert Supervision

The five key skills of supervision are communication, leadership, management, way of solving problems, and knowledge, everything is possessed by our leaders. It is the outcome of this supervision which makes sure that results or outcomes of any task allotted are completed perfectly and well on time. We have experts in the field of science, computers as well as in marketing and advertising. They always must make sure that your ideas are scientifically as well as ecologically correct. Our supervision molds your vision to reality as we believe in performing deep research on your ideas and try our best to implement them. All this procedure right from the research to its actual implementation takes a lot of time and perfection. It is only after several verifications when we hand over the completed work to you that was allotted to us.

Competitive Nature

To create a competitive spirit amongst our employees we provide daily challenges to ensure effective working conditions. Our employees are well-informed about the work they are supposed to and they successfully perform their work before the deadline.
Your dream website is our task and we perform it with utmost sincerity. There is always a balance between the ideas, designs, research, knowledge to give out the most unique results. Fleenear always takes care of its reputation and therefore employs only selective employees from all across the world who work for striving better results.

Planning & Resesarch

For successful completion of assigned projects, proper planning involving deep research is always essential. Here, at Fleenear we have a separate department of the planning and research community that ensures these two things are always performed as a part of the execution of any project. Research work helps in identifying any sort of issues, along with solutions to them. As a part of the process of planning, we ensure policy formation, rough workout, and drafting out every task. The coordination of these two factors results in success. The operational community makes use of the research data provided by the researchers and then functions.

Easy Customisation

Customisation is the reason behind the E-Commerce website’s success. It is a process of modifying and delivering the work as per the customer’s need. Our easy customization policy has helped us to fetch a lot of customers who end up satisfactorily when they work with us. We have easy to design features and customize every aspect as per the customer’s choice. Easy customization policy has helped us to win over our loyal customers because of whom we stay ahead in this competition.

Advanced Web Technology

With the increasing number of years, new technologies are coming making the previous ones outdated. We, here at Fleenear strive to make use of the latest web technologies to create your website. This helps in keeping your website up-to-date. Our team makes a note of every fine detail from what the customer wants, if it is economical and also about the latest trends and their practicality. All of this is performed to make sure your dream project is performed well by us.Your dream website is our task and we perform it with utmost sincerity. There is always a balance between the ideas, designs, research, knowledge to give out the most unique results. Fleenear always takes care of its reputation and therefore employs only selective employees from all across the world who work for striving better results.

Our Goals

Every company has its own goals to accomplish in life, similarly, we too have some for our company Fleenear. Our goal is to produce the best output in our field of digital marketing, web designing, and graphics designing and to make every customer satisfied with our performance.

We set goals to cover all aspects of digital marketing. We function according to the 5Ss of digital marketing that is to grow Sales, to speak and interact with the customers, to save costs, to sizzle by extending the reach of your brand online, and lastly to serve with our full capacity that adds value to your website.

We take care of our brand image and function accordingly.
It might take some time for us to come to the topmost list of India’s digital marketers but we will work hard for this.

Just the way we made our way to Siliguri’s finest digital marketing company, we will surely be known worldwide for our works, very soon.

Above all satisfaction from customers is the most important goal for every company like ours. After all, it is this satisfaction that helps us reach the paths of success.

You can get more leads, sales, and profits with our top-notch services in the field of digital marketing.

After a quick description of our company we sum by saying that in this ever-changing world of technology, Fleenear will provide you quality time and services to come out with the best results.

After all, we take care of our brand image. We showcase some of the most exclusive and unique designs of our company by using them in your website designing and digital marketing.

We strive to match your ideas to come out with the best outputs and would never disappoint you by providing the best experience to you all.

Fleenear is indeed one of the best digital marketing companies in Siliguri. We believe in being flexible to easily adapt to the changing scenarios and that’s the way that is leading us on the paths of success.

To get a perfect website for your digital marketing that includes graphics, contact -Fleenear, a company in Siliguri.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a digital marketer do?

The process of digital marketing involves advertisements using modern means of approach. All these tasks required in the process of digital marketing are performed by digital marketers who develop effective strategies or implement various programs. Digital marketing has evolved over the years with new techniques for promotion. If you are new to digital marketing and are looking for some kind of experience in the same, try contacting some of the best digital marketers.

Would my business benefit from digital marketing?

Your business will surely benefit from digital marketing. Customers these days are switching over to online modes to make purchases. It has been noticed that on average digital means of marketing are preferred more than any other means. The perfect use of business tactics will prove to be a boon for your company.

It ensures cost-effective ways to market your products at a lower cost and by focusing on well-targeted areas.

How often should I update my website?

Regularly updating the websites is strictly not recommended. Moreover, it even contributes to losing some of your customers.

Always, try updating your website after every 3-4 years. Updating your website frequently may consume a lot of your valuable time and money. A good website features all those particular details about the company that is essential and important. There are many other ways to keep your website up-to-date such as updating your CMS, posting blogs, and articles every month and the products.